Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Exciting Few Weeks Ahead

It has been a busy last week and a bit - Doing full time hours at Marketforce while the manager has been away and trying to run a growing business at the same time. Good fun and games. Man, I am so looking forward to my next sleep in! Please come soon...

I absolutely loved photographing the Keshwar family a couple weekends ago, and was so pleased to find that they were stoked with the results. They took almost three hours to choose their photos last Sunday. Possibly the biggest compliment I could've had... Can't wait to deliver the finished, framed shots next week!

This weekend will be an interesting shoot. I am very much excited for this one... I was surprised to find no such image already on google. Yes, I know I am being fague. Deliberately so, so you'll just have to be patient and wait for me to upload said secret shot up next week. Ha! :)

Causeway Kawasaki, Ducati and Victory Motorcycles will be surprising their new clients with a gift certificate soon. Sssh... don't tell anyone! That's going to be a massive time filler. Can't wait to put some pretty big bikes on walls all over Perth!


Then more family photoshoots and kitten shoots and bike shoots and and and.

I love my job...

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