Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing me

Why hello there readers. I'm new to the blogging world, so not really sure where to start.

I am told the beginning is usually a good spot. All I really know about blogging is from the movies, you know, You've Got Mail and Julie and Julia etc.

So, the beginning.... Here's a brief history:

Well, my name is Chevy and I was born in South Africa. I moved to Perth, Western Australia about 5 years ago. I had job hopped around for a bit, until I was magically hired by an awesome advertising agency called Marketforce. I worked for them as an Electronic Artist/Mac Operator for 3 years and loved most of it. In this time, I learnt a world of Photoshop that has become second nature to me.

In January this year I bought a photography business called Diamonds & Rust Photography from a wonderful couple, Chase and Jaye. They have been amazingly supportive and loving. They're easily my second family. They remain my business advisors and mentors, and of course, my close friends.

I have since quit all casual jobs and am running Diamonds & Rust full time. A scary prospect, but a very exciting one too. I am thouroughly enjoying making Diamonds & Rust truly mine - my website is currently being reskinned and fabbed up by a the ever wonderful Debbie Taylor from Synchromesh over in Sydney. New business cards, new flyers, new website, new projects, new me. Yay!

Feel free to check out my old site (new one to come shortly) and become a liker on to see my most recent work.

And this is where I shall pause for now. Thanks for reading :)


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